Better Delivery

Ace Laboratories, Inc. was founded to improve human health by enhancing the bio-availability of resveratrol.

Our technology may enable therapeutic use of resveratrol by delivering the molecule to the body more effectively than tablets or capsules.

The challenge is to successfully scale the effective doses seen in animal models of aging and disease to humans, whose stomach sensitivities limit effective oral dosing.  We seek to achieve clinical results where other solid oral dosage forms of resveratrol, including micronized oral formulations, have encountered dose-limiting tolerance issues. 

Our resveratrol lozenge has been shown to improve the therapeutic potential of resveratrol via an approximately 15x increase in plasma levels over an equivalent unformulated oral dosage.  Ace's technology makes resveratrol more soluable, potentially enabling oral trans-mucosal delivery of the molecule directly to the bloodstream via the tissues of the cheek.  This circumvents metabolism in the gut.

We are focused on developing resveratrol based pharmaceutical products for injuries and diseases related to vascular health, neuro-degeneration, and inflammation, and consumer products for lifestyle ailments such as reduced exercise capacity.